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Season 17 Information

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Welcome to the next season that we will be doing on Formula 1 2017.

This thread is aimed at giving the drivers and those who are interesting in signing up more information about how the league is going to work and what you, the driver can expect.


This is our 17th Season running a successful Formula 1 league. We are aiming to keep a single division, however, if we receive a large number of applicants, then we may alter our original proposal and run multiple tiers in which the faster drivers will be in a higher tier and the slower drivers in a lower tier.

This league is open to anyone and everyone. There will be a time trial event for the drivers signing up to complete should more than one tier be run.


 Free Practice Nights & Time

  • FP1: Monday starting at 7.30pm (UK Time)
  • FP2: Wednesday starting at 7.30pm (UK Time)
  • FP3: Friday starting at 6.30pm (UK Time)

Race Night Information

  • Event start: 7.30pm
  • Day: Friday

Session Information

  • Grid Size: 20
  • Qualifying: Full
  • Race Length: 100%

Weather & Time information

  • Weather: Dynamic
  • Time: Official


  • Traction Control: Off
  • ABS: Allowed
  • Braking Assist: Off
  • Dynamic Racing Line: Allowed
  • Gearing: Manual
  • Pit Assist: Off
  • Damage: Full
  • Collisions: On



We have been and will continue to follow the previous season setup and so all races will be a full 100% length. The time of racing will vary depending on the track and weather conditions which are dynamic. This racing will provide multiple strategies given the different compounds of tyres available.


 With any league, there are other bits of information that are important.

 Point System

 We’re using the official Formula 1 point system for this season. Therefore, the points scored for each race position are as follows:

1st Place – 25 Points

2nd Place – 18 Points

3rd Place – 15 Points

4th Place – 12 Points

5th Place – 11 Points

6th Place – 10 Points

7th Place – 9 Points

8th Place – 8 Points

9th Place – 7 Points

10th Place – 6 Points

11th Place – 5 Points

12th Place – 4 Points

13th Place – 3 Points

14th Place – 2 Points

15th Place – 1 Point


To be eligible to score points, drivers will have to complete no less than 90% of the race distance.

We will have both a Driver Championship and a Team Championship. The Team Championship will be based on the cars picked by each driver, each constructor has two drivers and so they will form a team.

 Cars Available

 All cars are available to race with and will be subject to a new picking system

  • Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
  • Scuderia Ferrari
  • Red Bull Racing Tag Heuer
  • Williams Martini Racing
  • Sahara Force India F1
  • Haas F1
  • McLaren Honda
  • Sauber F1
  • Scuderia Toro Rosso
  • Renault F1
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