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  1. Is this game any good? I have thought about buying it once or twice
  2. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Jud!

  3. Parked cars don't count as over taking good luck on your driving
  4. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Jud!

  5. So your working outs are based on jumping in doors
  6. 1 or 2 seconds down...and you think you got problems.
  7. The Only way around not having rolling starts are if you disconnect tough, put it down to engine trouble.
  8. I got same error message in quali last night Inf, as I was on a quali lap my game options popped up meaning I wasn't in control of the car no more, and then I got that error message and disconnected.
  9. Over head T cam for me, as it gives me more field of view to my side. If I use cockpit then I seem to bump into more people at corners.
  10. Colin is from Birmingham so there is a high possibility he has .
  11. Happy New Year Colin. I hope to catch you online next week mate.
  12. judmann

    Broken Arm

    Infamous you make me laugh
  13. judmann

    I Rest My Case.

    I'm not saying a word :roadrage:
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