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  1. I realise that there already was a map with this name, given the thread on these forums, but I can't find the map on the server anywhere. So here goes a straight forward TDM map in the town of Le Port.
  2. Map updated to v0.02: Removed truck from church Updated a few spawn points
  3. A simple TDM on the island of Malden, in La Trinite To do: Check respawn points.
  4. Map updated to v0.03: More respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  5. VIP map in the town of La Trinite on Malden. No option to steal the car...
  6. A TDM on the island of Tanoa. No high rises, relatively open area. Map updated to v0.02: Fences around the flag area reinforced Some respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  7. Map has been updated to v0.04: Updated scripting to latest version, effectively removing the flagrunner marker Added sand storm effects for additional cover Changed uniforms to balance out protection
  8. TDM on a market square in Georgetown
  9. Map updated to v0.02: Added a building at each side for cover between respawn and flag bunker.
  10. Map has been updated to v0.05: Removed unused game logics (increasing overall performance) Restored first aid kit for BLUFOR Changed terrain grid to show bushes and shrubbery
  11. There's still a SPAR, but smaller calibre (5.8 mm) and with an ACOG scope.
  12. Map has been updated to v0.04: Modified weapons loadout (smaller calibre, ACOG scope) for each side Removed intro error message Moved a few respawn points outside buildings
  13. A skirmish on the island of Tanoa, on the coast line. The loading screen shows the uniforms for BLUFOR and OPFOR.
  14. Map updated to v0.03: Battle area enlarged to make flanking easier (possible) when spawning on south side
  15. Map updated to v0.02: A few respawn points moved Flag marker straightened out
  16. A TDM in Georgetown on Tanoa All riflemen with assault rifles and hand grenades.
  17. Map updated to v0.05: Added GPS to BLUFOR load out (to be able to use mini map)
  18. Map updated to v0.05: Uniforms and loadouts more balanced in body armour and weapons Intro fixed (respawn markers renamed)
  19. Map updated to v0.06: Uniforms and loadouts more balanced in body armour and weapons Intro fixed (respawn markers renamed)
  20. Map updated to v0.04: Removed the additional flag pole near mid flag
  21. Map updated to v0.02: grenadier and assault rifleman replaced by another rifleman and scout Wind reduced as much as possible (it's a windy place, apparently)... Repaired the briefing name
  22. Map updated to v0.04: Just minor maintenance to the intro (marker names corrected)
  23. A TDM map on comms station Bravo (TANOA). IFF should be easy, you're wearing your team's color... Differentiated roles with specific loadouts: rifleman with assault rifle, hand grenades, smoke grenades and medikits scout with silenced weapon and smoke grenades assault rifleman with big & loud automatic gun grenadier with assault rifle and 4 grenades
  24. Map updated to v0.03: Reduced weapons to MX/MXC and Katiba/Katiba Carbine for BLUFOR and OPFOR
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