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  1. I realise that there already was a map with this name, given the thread on these forums, but I can't find the map on the server anywhere. So here goes a straight forward TDM map in the town of Le Port.
  2. Hey boss, I'm not allowed to send messages on here, but felt like seeing what you're up to these days?

    1. FUSION_HitmanFF


      Hey Eddie, we're still alive. Just 4 or 5 at the time playing ArmA 3, F1 and golf seem to be more popular these days...

      How are you doing these days? Your linkedin profile says you've moved to down under?

    2. Griffinstein


      F1 and golf, sounds grim. Did you get Post Scriptum a go when it was hot?

      Aye, living in Adelaide these days, bit to hot for my liking, but alwell. I've added ya on Steam there, can have a wee catch up next time you're about.

  3. Map updated to v0.02: Removed truck from church Updated a few spawn points
  4. A simple TDM on the island of Malden, in La Trinite To do: Check respawn points.
  5. Map updated to v0.03: More respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  6. VIP map in the town of La Trinite on Malden. No option to steal the car...
  7. A TDM on the island of Tanoa. No high rises, relatively open area. Map updated to v0.02: Fences around the flag area reinforced Some respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  8. Map has been updated to v0.04: Updated scripting to latest version, effectively removing the flagrunner marker Added sand storm effects for additional cover Changed uniforms to balance out protection
  9. TDM on a market square in Georgetown
  10. Map updated to v0.02: Added a building at each side for cover between respawn and flag bunker.
  11. Map has been updated to v0.05: Removed unused game logics (increasing overall performance) Restored first aid kit for BLUFOR Changed terrain grid to show bushes and shrubbery
  12. There's still a SPAR, but smaller calibre (5.8 mm) and with an ACOG scope.
  13. Map has been updated to v0.04: Modified weapons loadout (smaller calibre, ACOG scope) for each side Removed intro error message Moved a few respawn points outside buildings
  14. A skirmish on the island of Tanoa, on the coast line. The loading screen shows the uniforms for BLUFOR and OPFOR.
  15. Map updated to v0.03: Battle area enlarged to make flanking easier (possible) when spawning on south side
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