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  1. Yeah, I'm down for a sprint championship.
  2. Teammate: Smu3l3y 1st choice: Mercedes, 2nd choice: Sauber
  3. I'd be up for a full 100% race like we normally do
  4. Hi, After battling side-by-side for laps, it became clear fustrations was running high & every lap the overtake attempt was getting more aggressive per lap. As you can see from the video below, I was clearly in front & @smu3l3y did not turn in early enough, therefore resulting in me being spun.
  5. ● Steam Name: Westyy ● Nationality: British ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: None. ● Did you complete Season 20? I attended every race I could. ● Speedtest result:
  6. ● Steam Name: Westyy ● Nationality: British ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: None. ● Did you complete Season 12? No. ● Do you want to sign up for the Assist League (TC/ABS allowed)? No ● Speedtest result:
  7. westyy

    Daytona 24 Steams

    updated stream; https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC216X1-oVpEXafWB69ux0DA/live
  8. westyy

    Daytona 24 Steams

    I'll also be streaming here;
  9. huh? calm down chap. I only said there was a chance he could of avoided the retirement, nothing more. I never said it was his fault nor did I say it was Sean's. I simply said there was a small chance he could've avoided the retirement.
  10. Hi, after me & @lordrexxy taking a look at the incident we decided it's an racing incident. Although may I add, the initial contact didn't DNF you. If you stopped the car or try to avoid the wall on exit which finally retired your car (which imo, the first incident should of retired you) you might of got away with just a broken wing.
  11. Hi, After many incidents was starting to happen and it become more obvious that a Qualifying ban wasn't fair for most incidents we have came up with a similar way but different to handle things. It's like what is posted in @omegaiv thread but more simple. Each incident that has been reported me & @lordrexxy Will review the incident and award it with how many points we seem fair. if you accumulate 5 Points you will be given a Qualifying ban, or if you accumulate 10, you will be given a race ban. These points are saved for a full race season from when you first received them. A table will be done shortly, which will hold everyone's points.
  12. After the taking a look at the incident we have decided to award @Z3R0mikey 2 penalty points, I will be posting a thread about the new penalty system shortly.
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