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    • Today you can get Grid 2 for free on Steam.
    • FP1 - Monday 20th May at 7.30pm FP2 - Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30pm FP3 - Friday 24th May at 6.30pm Qualifying starts at 7.30pm on Friday 24th May followed by the race Lobby Settings Weather: Dynamic Race Distance: 100% Damage: Full Parc Ferme: On Performance cars Short qualifying Could everyone please ensure you have set up a whisper button before we race on Friday.
    • cheers. I got it for free when you told me. Keep posting stuff if you notice its free bud
    • If you are interested in snow and mountains, the game Steep is available for free until Tuesday in the Uplay Store.
    • After looking at the incident we came to the following conclusion: After both cars were nearly side by side at the start of the straight, Westyy started to gain an advantage when they came closer to T1. It isn't fully visible on the footage but we have to assume that at the turn in point @westyy has not cleared @smu3l3y yet and their rear / front wheel are more or less aligned. That means both have the right to maintain this formation throughout the corner. Now the incident happens because Smu3l3y runs out of room at the apex and touches Westyy's rear. If Smu3l3y had turned in a bit earlier that would not have happened. I think all of us are aware that we're all not professional racing drivers though, so to miss the apex by a couple inches, like Smu3l3y did, happens. Leader and I think that everyone knows about the risk going with two cars into that corner. Westyy definitely gave enough room in this case, so he isn't to blame,  but it took just a minor mistake from Smu3l3y at that point to make the whole thing go wrong. Therefor we give Smu3l3y a warning for incautious driving.
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